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The internet at the office was disconnected today. So, I'm late. I know. I'm sorry. Here's some news.

Man goes on murderous rampage in tax office

BELGRADE (Reuters) - After twice receiving a tax bill, an enraged Serb stormed the tax office, started shooting and tried to set the tax chief and the building on fire, Serb media reported Friday.

"We can't imagine why anyone would do such a thing. I mean, why would anyone be mad at the people who take their hard-earned cash without so much as a passing apology?" stunned officials wondered.

Nebojsa Miladinovic, a saw-mill owner in his fifties, tried for days to convince tax officials in the central town of Gornji Milanovac he had paid his 192,200 dinar ($2,794) bill. They said he had not, sent the bill again and blocked his bank account.

After arguing his case Thursday, Miladinovic returned, doused tax chief Gojko Stefanovic and the office files with petrol, shot at computers and yelled "I was ripped off."

Yes, sir. Yes you were.

Two people were injured in the melee and parts of the office caught fire, with panicked staff escaping through the windows.

Police arrested Miladinovic, whom neighbors described as a hard worker who never made trouble. Witnesses said he even paid for parking his car in front of the tax office before the rampage.

Several witnesses report that Miladinovic was humming show tunes. They also said that he was very polite, doing his best to keep the maniacal laughter to a tolerable volume.

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