not good

Bad ideas for a natural gas company advertising campaign:

Natural Gas. It's awesome. And natural.
Pilot light turned off all night + spark from your fridge = giant raging fireball!
We add the smell so you know that you're breathing poison!
You probably won't be maimed and killed in an explosion! That rarely happens.
It's a major source of indoor air pollution!
You'll hardly notice when you die in your sleep!
If you start throwing up, head to the hospital! It's probably not too late!
If it ignites, you can watch your home and dreams burn to the ground!
Natural Gas. Because it burns. Really hot.
Now with more exploding potential!
Because you can't blame arson-related insurance fraud on electricity, silly!

2 Responses to “not good”

  1. # Anonymous Anne Arkham

    Natural Gas. Not nearly as carcinogenic as wood smoke.  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    best bad ideas I've read in awhile  

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