bad news

My little brother Jim, who's in Hong Kong with his youth group right now, had a basketball game today. Or yesterday. On Monday, but it's over. Stupid international date line.

Anyway, their contact over there arranged for them to play a game against a local high school. Jim's group has six basketball-able men. They were to scheduled to play against the school's JV and varsity teams. Combined. The game would consist of 4 ten-minute quarters.

Obviously, Team USA stood very little chance. They did manage to maintain the lead for the first three quarters, but exhaustion set in, and Team China outran them in the fourth. When your bench is one man deep, and theirs is about 25 deep, you've either got to be insanely talented and fit or taking performance enhancing drugs. Multiple performance enhancing drugs. Mostly illegal ones.

Jim writes at the end of his post-game summary:
So I just hope that you will allow us to come back to America. I really want to ask for your forgiveness and mercy. I hope that we have not shamed you too much. Please take us back.

While I hate to see the good ol' red, white and blue lose to a country where the median height is about five foot short (they had to kick out Yao Ming 'cause he kept stepping on people), I guess we can forgive you, Jim. Come on home anytime you want. Just make sure you bring me back some of those sweet, cheap grey market goods. Like, anything Nikon and/or cool.

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  1. # Anonymous aimee

    sweet, cheap grey market goods...(drool)  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Not so fast. The Re-Patriation Committee has not yet considered Jimmy's petition for re-patriation. He must first explain why HIS dog ate an entire German chocolate cake while he (Jimmy) was across the pond.  

  3. # Anonymous james

    Thank you Robert. Thank you so much. Dad, ask OUR dog, not me!  

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