Woman and bull injured in Pamplona

A Canadian woman was trampled and a bull lost its horn as hundreds of daredevils hurtled through Pamplona with six half-ton bulls in pursuit at the first full day of Spain's San Fermin fiesta Thursday.

Women rarely run and for years were forbidden from doing so but this year 19-year-old Canadian Alexandra Popovska, risked her skin."The whole herd went over her and trod on her," a hospital spokeswoman said, but added her injuries were not serious.

She only suffered a minor concussion, a broken nose, several puncture wounds, and an assortment of broken bones. She'll be fine in six months or so. The bull may never recover. Especially if they make it a steak.

While many of the dense crowd of runners are there for the first time, some, like Jean Louis Desperies from Dax, France, comes back year after year.

"It's a passion," the 50-year-old said, after running for his 10th year. "All life's suffering is left behind."

"Well, you know, because that lady who got trampled fell down in front of me. After I stepped on her face on my way by, her suffering was behind me."

5 Responses to “running of the bulls”

  1. # Anonymous aimee

    that's kind of like saying that once you see your baby for the first time, all the pain of birth disappears...

    it might step aside for a moment, but it doesn't disappear  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I'm still suffering from the pain of my birth -- and that's no bull  

  3. # Anonymous Luistxo

    This year, you can follow San Fermin through the satellite with GoogleMaps and a little bit of hackery. Check The San Fermin googlemap of injured people. There she is, Alexandra, at the exact place where she was injuerd the 7th of July.  

  4. # Blogger r.fuel

    Dang. Heads up, though, it may take a couple tries to get through to that link. Thanks, luistxo.
    (Thankfully, this is the internet, and I don't have to learn pronounce that.)  

  5. # Anonymous Anonymous

    urgency surgery at the bullring? by doctors or vets?  

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