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I started the new job this morning.

The day began with about five hundred and sixty seven pages of tax forms, insurance applications, handbook review, and employment consent. Then we had a fifteen minute creative meeting. And then an hour's worth of teleconferencing with the offices in Austin and Dallas.

Then I got the tour. I met about twenty people and remember zero of their names. I even forgot the name of the lady who hired me.

I'm sitting now at my desk, an old iMac G3 in front of me. The phone sits to my right. On my left, on the bulletin board, is a list of about eighty-seven projects I was assigned last week, including one million or more case studies. The number of projects on that bulletin board is higher than the number of projects I had during the last three months at my last job.

You might find humor in the fact that my body has decided to begin sweating profusely every time I meet someone new, just to make sure that their first impression is a bad one. I guess you can't fail to impress if anything's an improvement.

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  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I been there. Hang in there. When it rains it pours, but you'll get into it.  

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