It’s gonna be worse than Y2K:

World to end with Daylight Savings Time change

NEW YORK - When daylight-saving time starts earlier than usual in the United States come 2007, your VCR or DVD recorder could start recording shows an hour late.

When given the news this morning, no one cared.

An energy bill President Bush is to sign Monday would start daylight time three weeks earlier and end it a week later as an energy-saving measure.

And that has technologists worried about software and gadgets that now compensate for daylight time based on a schedule unchanged since 1987.

"It is unfortunately going to add a little bit of complexity to consumers," said Reid Sullivan, vice president of the entertainment group at Panasonic Consumer Electronics Co. "In some cases, depending on the product, they may have to manually increase or decrease the time."

Companies are gearing up for the ensuing marketing boom that will no doubt sweep quickly across the nation. The public’s demand for button-pushing finger protectors could prove to be a boon for the country’s economy. The number of jobs that will be created in manufacturing are estimated at four to seven billion.


Don't think too much about it. You could vomit. I did. Twice.

Coach likes licking blood

PORTLAND, Ore. (Reuters) - The Oregon teachers' board reprimanded a high school football coach for licking the bleeding wounds of student athletes, school officials said on Friday.

Last summer, Reed gave students at Central Linn High School near Eugene, Oregon, 100 miles south of Portland, a pep talk about a coach who had licked and healed players' wounds so that they could rejoin the game. After the talk, he bent down and licked a cut on a track athlete's knee, the commission said.

In response to queries from the school board, Reed said, “What’s the big deal? There’s blood in steak. And in Scotland, they eat black pudding, which is just fried blood. And I heard that vegetables have blood, too. You’re no better than me. And besides, it’s delicious.”

Reed did not return calls seeking comment.

And in other news, the dude who had really bad gas on the train refused to look anyone in the eye.

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  1. # Anonymous Anne Arkham

    Yeah, thanks for sharing.  

  2. # Anonymous aimee

    i can't stop laughing....

    he wouldn't look anyone in the eye

    he he he  

  3. # Blogger Joe Fuel

    that's just plain creepy  

  4. # Anonymous Anonymous

    that blood guy needs help and so do the players who let him do the licking  

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