Things I would have engraved on my new iPod if space were not an issue:

• Warning: If stolen, this iPod will self-destruct, rendering the thief impotent and blind in one eye.
• Digital Rights Management is crippling the recording industry and the artists they represent.  It should be stopped.
• While the iPod may be the trendy accessory for the the fashionable elite, I did not buy this one to fit in with the populace but rather because I quite enjoy the convenience and practicality of carrying all my music everywhere in one convenient package with the best user interface in the portable music player marketplace.
• Please save the Mexican Zebra.

4 Responses to “statements”

  1. # Anonymous Bekah

    I think all you need on there is the last one.  

  2. # Anonymous Doc

    I need a T-shirt  

  3. # Anonymous JoeFuel

    "Please save the Mexican Zebra or die"?  

  4. # Anonymous kcarl

    Joe, if you put that on it, you might as well get an endorsement from P. Diddy and MTV.  

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