I took the day off from work today to play golf with some buddies of mine.

As always, I played terribly. After I broke the head off my driver1, the club pro actually rounded up members of the club and collected donations for me, assuming that I suffered from cerebral palsy2.

2Not really.

3 Responses to “respite”

  1. # Anonymous eleemonsynaryanonymous

    to whom do I make the check payable?

    p.s. -- that's why I don't play golf. I can't quite get a full backswing from a wheelchair  

  2. # Anonymous Fuzzball

    I'm, uh, not allowed to play golf anymore. I tried taking lessons in high school and my coach threatened me with my life if I ever picked up a club again. Apparently I'm somewhat of a menace. Ahem.  

  3. # Anonymous r.fuel

    Ah. I know your kind.  

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