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Dear J.J. Abrams,

I just wanted to let you know that I think your show, Lost, is either incredibly implausible or superbly strategized.  I want to hunt down the writers and beat them with rotten coconuts and tiny bamboo shoots.  Or bring them lavish gifts.  I'm having trouble making up my mind.  Are you an evil genius?  Or are you on a strict daily regimen of psychotropic drugs?  The backstory for Lost is either insanely, intricately complex or entirely random and we all want to believe that it's insanely, intricately complex.  Because complexity is fun.  Or something.

Either way, I was a little disappointed with last night's episode, given the promos that ran all week.  I mean, the show didn't exactly "change everything."  They are all still on the island.  They still don't know who the Others are or what the DHARMA initiative is.  Kate still can't make up her mind between Jack and Sawyer.  Yeah, Locke's going to miss using that leg and it is kind of weird that the Henry Gale guy they have in the hatch used to be a black dude, but I hardly think that those turns constitute a change of everything.  The sky is still blue, after all.  Although a green or purple sky wouldn't seem too strange after everything else we've seen.

And since I've got you here, is Walt dead or what?  And when do we get to see more polar bears?  And where the hell did Desmond go after he left the hatch?  He just hiked off the island using the secret land bridge? Or did he push the Black Rock to the beach and, enlisting the skeletons in the hold as his ghost ship crew, sail off into the sunset to run some more stadiums?


p.s. If your show ends up killing Jake, you might consider starting a little DHARMA initiative of your own, if you know what I mean.

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  1. # Anonymous jake

    When LOST kills me, I hope the first thing they explain to me at the pearly gates is what in the hell the others have been doing with Walt.  

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