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good news

Just talked to the customer service rep who works for our builder, and he gave me some really spectacular news.  You know how Joe and I went in for five point five hours on Sunday to wire the house for surround sound?  Turns out that we weren't supposed to do that.

So why did we do it?  Good question.  Mostly because the customer service rep told me to.  We talked to him a few weeks ago about wanting to put the wiring in ourselves to save a little money.  We asked if we could do that.  He said, "No problem.  Just sign this waiver."  We signed it.  It basically just said that we wouldn't hold them responsible if the setup didn't work.  And if we didn't have Joe around, odds are pretty good that it wouldn't have worked.  Okay, so without Joe, there would be no hope of the setup working at all.  Ever.  Anyway, we signed the waiver and he said that he would call when it was time to put in the wiring.

And he did.  Last week.  He said that we had a few days to get the wiring in.  So we went.  And it was cold and it was dark but we put the wiring in.

Well, he called me today to let me know that the inspector had come to the house for the inspection.  Of course.  And that the inspector had a mild heart attack when he found out that there were wires in the house that weren't in the original floor-plan.  And when the EMTs shocked him back into the world of the living, he told the foreman to either removed the wires or pay $120 for a new permit and an electrician's rewiring of the house.

Well, the foreman called the customer service rep.  And he called me to inform me of this new development.  He clearly didn't realize that this would upset me.  Now he's dead.

After I murdered him with a kitten, I used his still-beating heart as an inkwell and I penned a quick note to his replacement demanding that they pony up the dough for the permit and the rewiring.

We'll see what happens.

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  1. # Anonymous Chickie

    Murdered him with a kitten? Dude, you are hard core.  

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