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On Friday I put up a link to the Snakes on a Plane movie trailer.  I said that the very existence of the movie convinced me that I had the talent to write a movie that Hollywood would produce.  Not that I will write a movie.  Or that if I do write one, that it will definitely be produced.  Just that I'm pretty sure I could write a better script than snakes plus plane equals terror.

Now, Snakes on a Plane may prove to be one of the worst movies of all time.  But it is not without its genius.  

Most film titles are ambiguous and vague.  I'm sure that the studios think that they're witty and clever.  However, very little information about the film can be gathered from these misleading labels.  For example:
V for Vendetta.  This is not, as the title seems to suggest, an educational film about the alphabet and proper spelling.
Failure to Launch.  Searching for an insightful look into NASA's recent slip-ups?  Don't see this. 
The Hills Have Eyes.  A movie about geographical landmarks with facial features would probably be scarier than this horror film.
16 Blocks.  Bruce Willis as a cop.  Not a how-to on using Legos to teach your children to count.
The Pink Panther.  A diamond, not a cat.
Braveheart.  Sorry.  Not an educational and entertaining CGI cartoon explaining the human anatomy through the tale of a courageous left aorta and his valiant blood-pumping deeds.

Snakes on a Plane is nothing if not uncompromisingly honest.  Stupid.  But honest. And for that, I will applaud.

9 Responses to “title”

  1. # Anonymous s. wells

    i'm appalled.  

  2. # Anonymous r.fuel


  3. # Anonymous Doc

    Ooo, stick to writing (your pictures are pretty good, too). The aorta is a single, not paired organ, therefore no right or left. By the way the aorta just trasports blood, it does not pump it, that would be the left venticle. I can recommend some great self-guided anatomy movies...  

  4. # Anonymous r.fuel

    So you're appalled, too?  

  5. # Anonymous JoeFuel

    Doc - Venticle ? Really? I could have sworn there was an "r" in there.

    Besides, take it easy on the guy, he hasn't been to a biology class in ages, much less one worth staying awake through....  

  6. # Anonymous appalledanonymous

    I'm appalled  

  7. # Anonymous Doc

    I will stick to medicine (or get a spell checker; transports was spelled wrong, too).... Appalled? No.  

  8. # Anonymous s. wells

    did i mention that i was appalled by the movie?
    no. you're writing is excellent.
    as always.
    no appallation there.  

  9. # Anonymous r.fuel

    Heh. Thanks!  

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