[Open on a restaurant interior. The lighting is dim and moody. Several small tables are arranged in a line for Speed Dating. The camera pans across the room, taking in the tables and the women seated at them as the men transition to the next table in line.]

[Close on the last table in line, where Bravia sits. Her date is just getting up to leave.]

Date: Well, thanks for your time. I really enjoyed it. [pause] But not too much. Just the normal amount. The non-weird amount. Totally normal enjoyment levels.

[He hits the chair as he shuffles out, knocking it over and tripping himself. As he falls, he grabs the tablecloth, pulling it down towards the floor with him. The vase of flowers on the table is upset by the action and, upset from its small perch arcs in the air towards Bravia. Suddenly, Gray Box appears, grabbing the vase in midair just inches from Bravia. Their eyes lock.]

Date: [standing up] Uh, sorry. I, uh, tripped and, uh… Sorry.

[The date shuffles away. Bravia and Gray Box continue to stare at each other.]

Bravia: Hi.
Gray Box: Hi.
Bravia; I'm Bravia. I'm a TV.
Gray Box: I'm TiVo. I'm a DVR.

[Bravia and Gray Box begin making out furiously. Orchestral music plays. Bravia pushes Gray Box away.]

Bravia: You complete me.

[Bravia pulls Gray Box back and they continue making out. Fade to black.]

Super: TV and TiVo. Meant to be together.

2 Responses to “match”

  1. # Anonymous sirenoremac

    so I guess I was right to encourage Aimee to get the TiVo...  

  2. # Anonymous aimee

    wow, i knew you liked it, but this is like a second child or something

    so funny by the way  

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