Reasons that single ladies should date and/or marry Joe and Luke.

1. They cook. I went over the their apartment on Tuesday night and they served up some fine Mexican cuisine. Puerco pibil, beans and rice. That’s no frozen pizza, ladies.
2. They cook really well. That was some delicious slow-roasted Mexican pork [and here's the recipe for it].
3. They clean. If you don’t look at the overhead fan in the living room, any of the air conditioning vents or that little space behind the toilet, their apartment is spotless.
4. They decorate. Now, don’t take that the wrong way. These guys are roommates because it’s an economically friendly means of shelter for college students. They both like girls. Not the same girls, though. That would be weird. Anyway, they’ve got a sweet setup, especially for a couple of college kids. Their two couches sit on risers for a theater-seating experience in their living room. Now, most guys who would set their couches up for theater seating would set them up on some pallets they found in the desert. Not these two. They, along with the third roommate, Erik, built a box for the back couch. And then they upholstered it to match their carpet. Yeah. They upholstered it. Then, Luke and Joe went out and bought a couple strings of Christmas lights and some halogen fixtures. They set the strings beneath the couches and the halogens behind for some sweet lighting effects.They also did a little number in the dining area that I can’t even explain. Take a look right up there ^ .
5. They both know a lot about computers. It’s like having your own personal customer service department.
6. Joe likes knives and Luke puts together some awesome videos. What more could you want in a man?
7. They’re shy. Women like shy guys, right?
8. They’re really nice. Luke created the DVD that got me this job. Joe’s helped me out in more ways than I can list.
9. They’re single.
10. They’ll treat you right.
11. They like girls.
12. They’ll treat you right. Yes, I know this is the second time it’s on the list. It’s a major factor. At least, it should be.

If you’re interested, flood their blogs and/or emails with adoration. They probably won’t do anything about it because they’re so shy, but you can email me and I’ll give you their phone numbers, the address for their apartment, class schedules, pictures and social security numbers.

10 Responses to “personals”

  1. # Anonymous anne arkham

    Either of them like older women?  

  2. # Anonymous james

    So... I'm confused, are you selling them as a packaged deal?  

  3. # Anonymous anne arkham

    I'll take one of each!  

  4. # Anonymous whoknewanonymous

    you forgot the hotornot ratings  

  5. # Blogger Katey Schultz

    I'm impressed! :-)

  6. # Blogger Joe Fuel

    Anne - I'll cook for you anytime. Beyond that, I make no promises.  

  7. # Blogger Savanna Kate

    shoot! I'll date em haha  

  8. # Anonymous anne arkham

    Hmmm . . .I seem to remember hearing something about the El Paso Symphony Orchestra.  

  9. # Blogger Joe Fuel

    Anne - You're right. I did promise that too. And a tour in the French Sewer System. My mistake.  

  10. # Anonymous anne arkham


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