You may or may not have noticed, but there was no post on Friday. Given the number1 of emails I received over the weekend, nobody noticed2. I even had a post all planned out3 for Friday, but never wrote it out and posted it. Things were kind of crazy on Friday. We lost power for almost an hour4, received our Christmas5 bonuses and had the office Christmas6 party. In all the excitement and confusion, I just forgot7. I was giddy with excitement and drunk on barbecue sauce. It was a good day.

Anyway, there are some new pictures over on flickr. They’re kinda cool8. I took ‘em at the Newport Aquarium in Cincinnati during our trip to Lousiville.

2Or, more accurately, cared.
3Sort of. I had thought about it a little while I was in the shower.
4Actually, we lost power for about ten minutes. But we did lose at least an hour of productivity.
5Yes, Christmas.
6Yes, Christmas.
8I like ‘em, anyway.

6 Responses to “failure”

  1. # Blogger Katey Schultz

    love it.  

  2. # Anonymous anne arkham

    Those are gorgeous. You've got me wanting to visit the Aquarium here.  

  3. # Anonymous awedanonymous


  4. # Blogger Joe Fuel

    Poor, poor old guy...  

  5. # Anonymous Jacques

    Awesome photos! We used to have a tigerfish just like that one. I really like the picture of the parking entrance. It's so cool!  

  6. # Blogger aimee

    robert, your blog is lame(1). i took no notice of your failure to post(2).

    (1) my favorite
    (2) i was living with the fear that you would never post again  

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