Louisville, Kentucky is the 16th largest city in the United States and the largest in the state. Louisville is most famous for the Kentucky Derby, the most widely watched event in American horse racing, which is nowhere near as popular as Nascar, but much better because it’s only two minutes long and you can bet money on it. Plus, women wear funny hats to the Derby and it’s the only sporting event responsible for creating an alcoholic drink1.

Louisville is also well-known as the birthplace of the Louisville Slugger baseball bat. Whether you’re a professional ball player or a mob hit man, you can’t deny the value of three-and-a-half feet of solid maple.

Because of its proximity to the Indiana state line, the Louisville area is often referred to as Kentuckiana. Kind of like the Tropicana brand of juice, but with geography and much less sugar.

While we spent most of our time in Louisville at my brother-in-law’s enormous house in the suburbs, I can say with confidence that downtown Louisville is a happenin’ place. We drove through downtown during the middle of the day on our way to see the hospitals2 where said brother-in-law performs complicated spinal surgeries.

We also drove down the famed3 Dixie Highway on our way to his office. Suffice to say, it was a lot less inspiring than downtown. It looks just like it sounds.

While this review is substantially less than comprehensive, it’s reflective of my time in Kentuckiana. In conclusion, if you ever have the opportunity to visit Louisville, do it4. It’s totally worth it.5

1While the Mint Julep is famous for its Derby origins, it is probably not the only alcoholic beverage created due to a sporting event. But made-up facts always make a strong point.
2One of Louisville’s largest medical facilities is the Jewish Hospital. I’m pretty sure it’s not just for Jews.
3Sort of. I’d never hear of it before in my life. Apparently, though, the Dixie Highway is pretty famous among people who live on or near the Dixie Highway.
4Or don’t. Whatever.
5Not intended to be a valuation of a trip to the city of Louisville, KY, either expressed or implied. Not legally binding in any state, especially California.

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