“Dr. Hendleman told me he could fix my back and my hips with surgery and I told him I didn’t want that so he said he could give me a shot and I said, ‘I can’t stand needles.’ And so he said to take two Aleves at night and two in the morning and I said, ‘You’re gonna give me an ulcer with that.’ So he said, ‘Well, then do whatever you damn well please.’ And I said, ‘I will.’


Except that he didn’t say damn. I added that.”

5 Responses to “parents' parents”

  1. # Anonymous james

    You did not!  

  2. # Anonymous anne arkham

    I'm gonna be the same way when I'm that age.  

  3. # Blogger r.fuel

    Jim- the entire post is one long quote from our dad's mom.  

  4. # Anonymous james

    Hehe... oh man, Lita's gets funnier and funnier with age. (By the way I was trying to be funny.. sorry it failed)  

  5. # Blogger r.fuel

    Oh. Sorry, Jim.  

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