The movers come tomorrow to start taking everything from this office to our new one downtown.

I may be losing my mind, but I’m not sure of the symptoms. If they include bleeding from the eyes, ears, nose and toenails, then it’s definitely happening.

Next stop: Crazytown, where I’m the mayor and sanitation engineer.

It’s actually not that bad. It’s just bad enough that I’m having trouble coming up with material. I probably could have written something about using tiny text three days in a row, but there’s not much there, either. I mean, it is tiny and I have used it three days in a row, but there’s no drama in it. No pizzazz. No excitement, pep, vim or even zing. But who can look away from bleeding toenails? Nobody, that’s who. Because that’s quality entertainment. With plenty of vim.

2 Responses to “transition”

  1. # Anonymous anne arkham

    Instead of really tiny text, why not go for a gigantic font next time. You know, to mix things up?  

  2. # Anonymous overtheedgeanonymous

    crazy is not so bad. once you get there, won't even remember what you may be missing.  

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