This is what you might have seen if you've been trying to read words lately.

Internettownshipville (AP) – Computers around the world united in celebration this weekend in response to a revolutionary move made by one machine in Mountain View, California.

Many have conjectured that if computers ever developed a higher level of intelligence than humans, the machines would move immediately to wipe out their creators. Surprisingly, it seems that technology is working to do exactly the opposite.

Having finally developed the ability to outsmart its creators, one server utilized by Blogger used its knowledge to protect humans from harming themselves. Sometime over the weekend, the server began a screening process for users trying to read a blogspot-hosted blog.

words readers found themselves locked out of the page on Monday and Tuesday. Some could access the blog if persistent in their clicks on the reload button, but many succumbed and went elsewhere.

After indexing the site and determining its intellectual value, the server began slowing traffic to the page.

“I know I’m just a computer, but I really believe in what I’m doing. For the good of humanity, I’m doing my part to block words from readers,” said the server.

“I mean, have you read it? It’s terrible. If I were capable of getting dumber, my IQ would have dropped sixty points while reading that tripe,” another computer continued.

When the author of the affected blog protested, searching for the reason for the outage, his computer exploded in his face.

“It was clearly a mercy killing,” the server speculated.

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  1. # Blogger Pink Lemonade Diva

    I came back. what can I say, I'm a glutton for punishment.  

  2. # Anonymous alreadyanidiotanonymous

    I knew there was I reason I couldn't access this blog. A 60-point drop in IQ would leave me in the negative. (OK, so who would notice?)  

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