The agency made the big move this weekend. We’re downtown, on the 9th floor of a 22-story building. The view’s great. I can almost see it through the window in the office across from my cubicle if the door’s open and the computer monitor is on the floor underneath the desk.

Some guys are painting the cabinets in the hallway next to me. Hopefully I’ll pass out from the fumes. Quitting time would roll around in no time. I could probably work through the headaches, substance abuse claims and the symptoms of withdrawal.

The move was initiated because the old place didn’t look like an ad agency. It looked like a warehouse. With cubicles. Gray ones. Picture the interior of an office designed entirely by Al Gore. The old office was even more boring than that. The boss realized that the place was a pretty substantial damper on the creativity of his employees and decided to move, fixing the problem in the process. So he went crazy with the new office. The column in the middle of my cubicle is purple. What’s more creative than that? Besides sweet potatoes, I mean.

So, a lot of the creative types were really looking forward to the move. We thought that we might be able to design workspaces a little more conducive to the creative process. We were right, but only sort of. You could do anything you wanted with your space. As long as it had a door that would remain closed at all times. One of the designers three cubicles away brought in a drafting table for his computer. It’s wood and metal. And now, forbidden. He has to move it out at the end of the day because the big boss says it’s not professional enough. Just like the Mexican blankets on the walls of my neighbor or the couch I wanted to put in my cube. The couch didn’t even make it into the building before it got axed.

New employee manuals come out tomorrow. Rumors are circulating that certain colors will not be permitted for office wear according to a new dress code. Some people think bright pink will be outlawed. Others are touting yellow as the contraband color. My guess? Everything but black and select shades of gray.

4 Responses to “transition [part 2]”

  1. # Anonymous grayblueanonymous

    doesn't everyone want to wear select shades of gray? but don't despair, I bet navy blue will also make the cut.  

  2. # Blogger Joe Fuel

    How was the drafting table such a problem? It was awesome. Where's the fearlessness, brother? Where's the inspiration? What about authenticity? These are all key values according to the five business cards on my desk...

    And who the h*** would let Al Gore design an office?!?  

  3. # Blogger Joe Fuel

    By the way, what happened to the drafting table? I'll take it if it's just going to be tossed out.

    word vertification - gsafex - why does that just sound dirty to me?  

  4. # Anonymous anne arkham

    You work for crazy people.  

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