eagle eye


1. On Monday, twenty-four Miller Lites sat on the bottom shelf of the fridge at work, left over from Friday’s Christmas party. Today, there are eight. That’s a lot of on-the-clock boozin’.
2. If I jump at just the right time as the elevator descends to the lobby, I can hit my head on the ceiling. Hard.
3. New Mexico is getting a spaceport. And a bullet train to replace a thirty-minute drive. And it still takes, on average, three hours to get a driver’s license.
4. I didn’t link any of those facts about New Mexico. But they’re true.
5. Aimee bakes delicious stuff.
6. I did link to the cookies. And they’re delicious.
7. The heat in the bathroom must be on a separate thermostat than the rest of the office. It’s like a sauna in there.
8. There are only nine days left 'til Christmas. I am freaking out.

12 Responses to “eagle eye”

  1. # Blogger Jake

    #2 - I am going to try that in the library elevator. Because, if there's any place where I feel like hitting my head against something during finals week, it's the library.  

  2. # Anonymous anne arkham

    Were you going up or down?  

  3. # Anonymous anne arkham

    And was it before or after you had those 16 beers?  

  4. # Blogger r.fuel

    You have to jump right as the elevator starts going down.

    And as much as I wanted to drink those beers, it wasn't me.  

  5. # Blogger r.fuel

    And to Jake:


  6. # Anonymous anne arkham

    Why were you jumping in the elevator to begin with?  

  7. # Blogger r.fuel

    To hit the ceiling, of course.  

  8. # Anonymous james

    All I know is you better same some cookies for me.  

  9. # Blogger aimee

    jim - lady ate the cookies  

  10. # Anonymous Anonymous

    and the German chocolate cake! Whose dog is this anyway?  

  11. # Blogger Katey Schultz

    sounds like a fun place to work!
    i like the image on the bar across the top of your page, by the way.

  12. # Blogger Alex

    Um... how do you KNOW about the head-hitting thing?  

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