I am dying.

7 Responses to “vomit”

  1. # Blogger luke

    Really? You didn't eat a Luke and Joe's place last night, did you? I get sick everytime I eat over there. Whatever you do, do not eat their "puerco pibil".  

  2. # Blogger Joe Fuel

    Hm. That sucks.  

  3. # Anonymous james

    I have to say that this is the most clever thing that you've ever posted. Honestly, its hilarious. No, but seriously. I hope you get better because I'll be back sunday!! I bet you can't wait.  

  4. # Anonymous anne arkham

    You too?  

  5. # Blogger r.fuel

    I did eat at Joe and Luke's, but that was definitely not the reason I am sick. If anything, that puerco pibil is the reason I didn't nnot wake up yesterday morning. More on that later.  

  6. # Blogger aimee

    there wasn't even vomit involved; or was there?  

  7. # Blogger r.fuel

    No, I didn't vomit. But I felt like it.  

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