This is how we begin1.

Jim called me out2. I've neglected poor Poncho3 for far too long. I didn't feel too guilty until Jim told me about the time he beat up that old lady in the park so that he could have the last seat on the bus and get home before his computer turned itself off for the night4. He also told me a story about using hamburger buns leftovers to smother kittens, but I'm not sure how that was related to how little I've been updating5.

So even though I wanted to come back with something really great, this is where it goes from here.

1Again. Again.
2But not like that.
3That's the zebra. His name is Poncho. Or could you not remember?
4I know. I don't think that story makes any sense, either. But you'll have to take that up with Jim.
5Unless somehow, through some odd but miraculous scientific breakthrough, kittens can now browse the internet and the kitten was depressed that there was nothing new on this blog. But come on. Let's be realistic. Internet access for kittens is going to come way after the miniature pizzas from Back to the Future.

3 Responses to “back”

  1. # Blogger s. wells

    starting again again is hard. i always write something stupid at the just in case anyone has hung around for an update, i can get rid of them for good. or something.  

  2. # Blogger r.fuel

    I'm going to do my best to alienate everyone in the next few posts so that I never have to do this again. Again.  

  3. # Anonymous bekah

    Duh, kittens use the Internet all the time to browse kitty porn.

    Or is it kitty "pr0n" now? Oh, those kittens and their lingo. I just can't keep up.  

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