I was at my cousin's house yesterday, taking their family portraits. I hung out for a little while afterwards to take some individual shots of his sons while they were playing in the yard. The older boy is six. And great with words.

Dad: Hey Son, you want to throw the football around?
Son: Yeah!
Dad: You think you can catch it?
Son: Sure!
Dad: I’m gonna throw it hard… You gotta be ready.
Son: Ok.
Dad: Are you ready?
Son: If you got the guts.

4 Responses to “out of the mouths”

  1. # Anonymous james

    I like the subtle bible allusion.  

  2. # Anonymous JoeFuel

    I need to remember that one.  

  3. # Anonymous anne arkham


  4. # Anonymous Chickie

    Hahahaha! And I bet that kid said it very seriously.  

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