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I have been informed me that the new look is giving some people a little trouble. It seems that the commenting system is a little obscure1. Here's a little rundown on the procedure2. The process is actually less complicated than it used to be, but it's a little harder to get to the commenting section. Here's how you do it:

Each post begins with a title3. Just to the right of the title is a number4. That number corresponds to the amount of comments the post has received. Slide your mouse over the number, and the word 'comments' magically5 appears. That's a link. You click it. Doing so will take you directly6 to the post's responses7. Below those, you'll see three empty boxes.

Two of them are small and one is big. Write your name in the one next to the word 'name'. Your name is required to leave a comment, as you can see by the word 'required' next to it. Beneath that is a space in which you can type your website address. If you've got one, type it in8. If not, don't. Now that you've put that behind you9, you can type your comment and press the 'post' button. Now the whole world10 can see what you've got to say. That's it. That's the process. Easier than you expected? Well, definitely easier than before. No logging in. No word verification. No marauding hordes of attack monkeys11.

So now that you know how the whole thing is handled, comment away. Seriously, get crazy. I love me my comments. Even if you've read but never commented before, go ahead. Tell me how you feel12.

1This may be putting it mildly. My dad was so confused by the whole thing that he actually punched me in the face13.
2Translation: I like the new format14.
3Usually having almost nothing to do with the post itself15.
4Usually zero.
5You might think that magic would be hard to code in html. You're right16.
6Sorry, you won't pass Go and you won't collect $200.
7Usually berating me for my lack of sensitivity to women, toasters, vegetables and small rodents.
8Or not. Whatever. This box doesn't have the little 'required' next to it.
9Feel free to wipe the sweat from your brow at this point.
10Actually, just the people who read this blog. Not surprisingly, a very small number of people.
11Regretfully, I cannot guarantee a lack of marauding hordes of vicious attack monkeys.
12Unless it's something gross. Then skip it.
13This statement is almost true17.
14Translation: even if the new format was burning your retinas and eating your cupcakes, it would stay.
15The less sense it makes, the better.
16I had to hire an old hunchbacked lady with a big, black hat and a mole on her nose. She was weird.
17But entirely false.

12 Responses to “difficulty”

  1. # Anonymous anne arkham

    Wow. I feel really smart right now.  

  2. # Anonymous r.fuel

    It's considerably different from the old format, where the comments link was at the bottom of the page and actually said 'comments' before you moused over it.

    We aren't all digital larcenists, Anne.  

  3. # Anonymous Chickie

    Geez. Footnotes ON footnotes! I'm tired from reading them all.  

  4. # Anonymous r.fuel

    10 Actually, just the people who read this blog. Not surprisingly, a very small number of people.  

  5. # Anonymous Craig

    I didn't have time to read the whole blog today, but tell me, how do I leave a comment?  

  6. # Anonymous anne arkham

    Um, didn't you last week post about Apple software that was ALMOST priced well enough to avoid piracy.  

  7. # Anonymous PLD

    And on that day he has his highest number of comments.

    Love footnotes.  

  8. # Anonymous r.fuel

    Actually, one time the comments broke double digits.

    Admittedly, I posted like, nine of them.  

  9. # Anonymous JoeFuel

    Wait, I'm confused. Where's the red circle? Does anyone else see it?  

  10. # Anonymous r.fuel

    Har. Har.  

  11. # Anonymous Rajesh

    i liked the picture it's really match with the title of your blog... great work.....  

  12. # Anonymous Katey Schultz

    love the humor mixed with fact and the footnote cleverness. another great entry.

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