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Reasons I am in love with Apple.

1. Great operating system. Stable. Virtually virus-free. Pretty. Soon to be known to most of the world as Windows Vista.
2. Aesthetically pleasing case designs. Check out the iMac. That’s no Steve Buscemi.
3. Aesthetically pleasing case designs. The Mac mini. Cute as a button. Almost as big.
4. The iPod. It’s an mp3 player. It’s a hard drive. It’s everything you’ve ever wanted from anything. Also, it has more potential for addiction than crack, heroine, tobacco and Carmex combined.
5. iTunes. It’s easy to use. Even for me.
6. Quicktime. The media player so good that Microsoft decided to quit trying to compete with it.
7. Excellent customer support. If you’re sending a product in for service, they ship you an empty box with pre-cut foam, address labels and packing tape. Yes, even the packing tape.
8. The CEO wears jeans to announce new products.
9. iLife and iWork. Only $79 a piece. And only $20 more for four more licenses. That's almost cheap enough to prevent software piracy. Almost.
10. They’re not afraid to go out on a limb with their advertising. Check out the home page and their new TV spot. Or these posters. Some people may not like it, but that’s the point. Advertising that doesn’t offend anyone compels no one. It’s good stuff.

5 Responses to “not the fruit”

  1. # Anonymous aimee

    don't worry i won't tell anyone that your wife is still in the stone age working with a pc

    oops, i just did  

  2. # Anonymous anne arkham

    I love Apple but I can't afford the Mac I want. And I hate that you can't tinker around with them the way you can with PCs.

    By the way, I have a nasty Carmex addiction, too. That stuff is worse than the nasal spray.  

  3. # Anonymous JoeFuel

    Beautiful. I would submit one more -

    11. They're logo is so simple that it's beautiful. It's the only sticker I'd consider putting on my car. Period.  

  4. # Anonymous r.fuel

    That stuff about the logo is spot on. Now that they've deep-sixed the rainbow color scheme.  

  5. # Anonymous PLD

    Good add-on Joe Fuel. I have great memories of playing Oregon Trail and Carmen Sandiego on our 6th-grade classroom's Apple IIes.  

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