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Space Junk Cleanup Needed.

Space is filling up with trash, and it's time to clean it up, NASA experts warn.

A growing amount of human-made debris—from rocket stages and obsolete satellites to blown-off hatches and insulation—is circling the Earth.

NASA was made aware of the problem in a note left on the break room refrigerator:


Man who shot pope headed back to prison.

ANKARA, Turkey - Police took the man who shot Pope John Paul II back into custody Friday after an appeals court ordered him to return to prison to serve more time for killing a journalist and for other crimes in Turkey.

Mehmet Ali Agca did not resist arrest after eight days of freedom, and he was taken to police headquarters in Istanbul, where TV cameras showed him handcuffed and yelling in English, Turkish and Italian.

"I declare myself Messiah! I am not the son of God, I am Messiah!" shouted Agca, who has made similar outbursts in the past.

Agca received several notes upon his return to his cell:


Kidnapped garden gnomes found in snowy Swedish forest

STOCKHOLM (AFP) - Twelve garden gnomes kidnapped in western Sweden a month ago have been found in a snowy forest, standing in a ring beside a lighted bonfire and a small hut, Swedish news agency TT reported.

"It looked very cozy," Bo Larsson, a police officer in the town of Kil, near Karlstad, told TT on Friday.

The gnomes mysteriously vanished from their gardens just before Christmas.

A letter from the "Garden Gnomes Liberation Army" later claimed responsibility for their disappearance, explaining that the dwarfish figures had pined for freedom.

Larsson said the gnomes had, however, declined to collaborate in the investigation.

"We've tried to squeeze them for information, but they're staying mum," he said.

Larsson found this taped to his bathroom mirror when he got home:

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  1. # Anonymous PLD

    you read the McSweeneys about the kid who was writing letters to parents from Taliban camp? V. funny.  

  2. # Anonymous r.fuel

    I heart McSweeney's.  

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