Trucking recruitment tag line ideas.

Great if you hate your family!
See the nation dirty truck stop bathroom by dirty truck stop bathroom.
Free Confederate flag with every truck!
We got hookers!
Don't have any friends?  Perfect.
Just like sitting on your couch at home.  Except with no TV, boring scenery and no beer.  You can totally still pee in your pants, though.
You can sleep when that massive coronary finally hits.
Better than welfare.
Night after night on the road.  Alone.  All alone.
It's the right choice! [If you're looking forward to eating a wide variety of high-cholesterol foods at truck stops across the nation and succumbing to heart disease at the ripe old age of 37.]
Fall asleep at the wheel, drift into oncoming traffic and kill a family of five for half-price psychological counseling.
Pays good money.
Deranged serial killer?  Looking for a way to get around?  Ask about our special long-haul routes and deep-freeze trailer options.
Because you got a GED.

3 Responses to “the open road”

  1. # Anonymous s. wells

    i have a relative that drives a truck.
    she got all her teeth pulled so she wouldn't have to bother with them anymore.
    now she has fake teeth.
    she's interesting.  

  2. # Anonymous r.fuel

    My half-brother and his wife drive trucks. So are they.  

  3. # Anonymous JoeFuel

    Because we know you love chairs that reek of beer farts.  

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