The high beams perforated the cold night air as the engine surged toward the top of the grade. Music seeped from the window, left open for the brisk renewal brought on at forty miles an hour. The car crested the hilltop, the chassis lifting for a moment before settling back down. A thump at the left front tire. Two more: one at the feet of the driver, the second somewhere behind. Then a leap from the right rear tire.

Me: 1. Cat: 0.

5 Responses to “conclusion”

  1. # Anonymous james

    beautiful... thats all there is to say, beautiful. No really, great writing, you would never suspect it to be about the most wonderful slaying of an idiotic beast.  

  2. # Anonymous boohooanonymous

    have you no shame? there will come a day when your daughter will cry when you do that.  

  3. # Anonymous r.fuel

    I didn't do it on purpose.  

  4. # Anonymous Craig

    Maybe you should have...  

  5. # Anonymous Chickie

    It wasn't a cat. It was a little night monster and it deserved to die.

    That's what I'm gonna think anyway.  

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