Right now in Cupertino, California, Steve Jobs is walking out onstage at the Apple Town Hall to announce something new from Apple.  My prediction:

iV - A revolutionary product in the consumer market.  Like all Apple products, it's beautifully designed, intuitive and user-friendly, reasonably priced but not cheap and updated every six months so that the version you just bought is completely obsolete.  Its key feature: it's directly connected to your checking account and automatically sends your monthly balance directly to Steve Jobs.  The iV Pro does the same, but adds your business bank account to the mix.  The iV Extreme taps into every major credit card you own.

Okay. So they released a new computer and a stereo. Who would have guessed?

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  1. # Anonymous impressed anonymous

    the man is a genius, no doubt
    if only he had a wart on his nose  

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