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Names of flickr groups that don't actually exist but typify the majority of the those created and used by flickr users

Everyone's photos are awesome! Yay!
Canon rocks!
Nikon rocks!
Look! Animated rainbows and unicorns! Let's put them EVERYWHERE!!!
Cats and kittens!
Canon and Nikon shooters are mindless consumerist sheep! Scorn them!
Copyrighted photos stolen from other photographers and posted on flickr because they are A) cute B) funny C) MAJOR SEXY TIME
I shoot film because I am superior to everyone.
If not for my cat I would end my own life LOL
FILM ONLY! Stupid, uneducated, unimaginative, mouth-breathing, incompetent and lazy digital shooters not welcome. Ever. I heard that they all still live in their mothers' basements.
sooo gay (literally)
sooo gay (figuratively)
The film shooters are jerks
Everyone gets a trophy! Yay!
Everyone's photos suck.

oh, eight

Happy New Year! 2008 is going to be great! I'm going to get back to writing something on the blog every day!

[Is this irony or sarcasm? I always go those two mixed up.]


Thanks for everything.

too much

Things have been so crazy at work recently that I could puke.


I leave for LA tomorrow. I get back on Wednesday and leave on Thursday for a week in Austin.

Thanks again for all your encouragement and keeping me going. I'm not abandoning this thing (again), I just need some time for things to calm down.


If you haven't already, check out the links in the ticker. It's over on the right. The ticker is always full of linky goodness, but it's especially good today. But save the one on top for last.

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