On Monday, I ordered the Nikon ML-L3 remote for my D70. When the time came to select the shipping method, I chose the UPS "3-Day Select" because it was only about fifty cents more than the standard ground shipping and FedEx was crazy expensive. On Tuesday, June 1st, I received confirmation from the store that my remote had shipped. Now, you would think that the day something ships is Day One. And, if you have selected "3-Day Select" shipping, the item would arrive on Day Three. Maybe on Day Four, if the shipping description is just slightly misleading. As it turns out, you would be wrong in either case. Apparently, "3-Day Select" shipping actually means that once UPS has the package for three days, they will select a time in the near future to deliver it to you. The UPS site says my package is scheduled for an "on-time delivery" on June 6th. If I told my boss that I would finish a project in 3 days, end up taking twice as long to do it, and then trying to convince him that the completion of the project was actually on schedule, despite the timeline he had envisioned, I would probably be fired. Or at least recommended for psychiatric consultation.
All that after I had already ordered (and cancelled the order for) the same remote from Best Buy, who told me that the product would have to be backordered. Given the fact that they said that it would ship (backordered status) after three to five days, I was willing to wait. After three days, I received an email saying, "Sorry, we don't have the product your ordered. In fact, we're not even quite sure what it is. But, if you'll let us keep your money, we're almost pretty sure that we can find one for you sometime in the next 25 days. Maybe."

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  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    i know this is beside the point, but are you getting the remote or not?  

  2. # Anonymous aimee

    ups is my favorite shipping method - i love how they scan everything in as delivered before they even set out in the truck to deliver it, and how they deliver packages to the wrong address, which happens to be an empty house and deny ever making a mistake  

  3. # Anonymous aimee

    there should be a comma after "house" in my first comment...sorry for the bad grammar  

  4. # Blogger r.fuel

    Yes, I am getting the remote. My first order was with Best Buy, but after their "indefinite delivery date" email, I cancelled the order. The remote should be coming in via "3-Day Select" shipping on Monday.  

  5. # Blogger r.fuel

    You know who else is great? The United States Postal Service. More on them soon.  

  6. # Blogger Joe Fuel

    For reasons my brother can inform you of, I hate having to mail things period. Frankley, it's about time someone came up with a way to just beam things from one place to another like they did in Star Trek. I'm tired of this waiting crap. And I'm REALLY tired of getting EMPTY PACKAGES.  

  7. # Blogger Joe Fuel

    Sorry about having to vent on your blog. It did seem relevant, though...  

  8. # Blogger r.fuel

    Vent all you want. I'm just glad you're here and posting your comments.  

  9. # Anonymous Anonymous

    As opposed to in jail posting your comments  

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