Now this is dedication.

Man delivers pizza after getting shot in the leg

Thomas Stefanelli, 37, said dedication to his job at Hungry Howie's Pizza kept him on the job after a struggle with a robber Saturday night left him bleeding from a bullet wound in his left thigh.

Most people would see the gun and think, "Okay, he has a gun. I think I'll offer him everything I have in the bleak hope that he'll find some shred of kindess in his coked-out mind and spare my life."
The delivery guy thought, "Hey, I work as a delivery guy for some dude I only met once. He pays me minimum wage and lets me keep the tips. I'm gonna take this guy on. So he has a gun. Big deal. I heard guns are for pansies. Let's throw down."
And then, after being shot, he proceeded to beat the would-be thief so badly that the dude and his backup ran away like scared little girls.


This guy deserves a national holiday. And a movie deal. And probably a new pair of pants, 'cause you know the ones he got shot in are all bloody and nasty.

4 Responses to “real-life superman”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    that's very, very good  

  2. # Blogger Joe Fuel

    "men look at superman and batman. these are fantasies. these are options..."  

  3. # Blogger r.fuel

    Joe, I believe you meant to say, "Men look at Superman and Batman; these are not fantasies. These are options." [Jerry Seinfeld]

    Don't worry, it happpens to everybody.  

  4. # Blogger Jake

    WARNING: Wearing the cape does not give you the ability to fly.  

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