Researchers Find Reason Why Teenagers are Lousy at Chores

"Finally researchers have come up with a reason other than pure laziness for why teenagers can't shower and brush their teeth or unload the dishwasher and wipe down the counter.

Blame it on "cognitive limitations." Their brains can't multitask as well as those of the taskmasters."

Actually, teenagers are lousy at chores because chores, like, totally suck.

4 Responses to “research breakthrough”

  1. # Blogger Joe Fuel

    what in the hell? i have never even considered something like showering and brushing my teeth at the same time!  

  2. # Blogger Joe Fuel

    and why, exactly, are these teenagers in such a rush that they need to be doing such retarded tasks?  

  3. # Anonymous aimee

    now listen here, some of us have showered and brushed our teeth at the same time. of course this may be a result of extreme analness and a burning desire to be not only on time, but early, to everything.  

  4. # Blogger Joe Fuel

    as you might have realized, that hasn't really been a serious concern in our family....  

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