the fam

I had a really great weekend. Not everything went as planned, but that's alright. You may be asking yourself (but probably not), what made my weekend so great. It was great because I got to spend a lot of time with a lot of my family. On Friday night, I was privileged to take pictures of Jim and Kristin on their way to prom. I hope I captured some of the mirth and giddiness that surrounded them. After that, I ate dinner with my grandparents and my Aunt Margaret. I got to hear stories about the births and collective childhood of my dad and his siblings. I spent Saturday morning in the skies with my father-in-law, and the afternoon and evening with my lovely wife and exciting daughter. I got to watch Jim play bass on Sunday morning, enjoy a delicious lunch prepared by my super-duper wife, play Halo with Joe, and listen to Aimee's instructors and friends shower her with accolades while watching my dad play with my daughter. God has blessed me in such an unbelievable way with my family. I love you all.

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  1. # Anonymous Aimee

    We love you too, you big handsome brute of a man.  

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