so i was putting on my shoes in the locker room after my lunchtime workout, and i sat down on one of those little stools they've got. they locker door was almost touching my head, so i reached up and nudged it away. immediately, my brain screamed. but my hands did nothing to stop the door from closing. and locking. locking my keys inside my locked locker.
i looked for one of the maintenance guys. after no success, i went back to the locker and assessed the situation. it didn't look good. unfortunately for me, i had locked my keys in the most secure place in the locker room. with a lock. so the stuff inside the locker would be totally secure. i checked all the locker's seams to see if i might be able to push something around. the top was kind of dented, but of course, it is still solid metal afer all.
apparently, the maintenance guys also go to lunch at lunchtime, and none were around. eventually, though, someone found the beefy bolt cutters and snapped my lock open. i was ten minutes late getting back to work. no one seemed to notice. at least, no one said anything.
i only almost cussed once. at least, out loud. the phrase finished itself in my head. it was right as i realized that the door was closing with my lock fastened on it and the keys inside. i wish i hadn't even started.

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