on the way to work this morning, aimee told me about this dream she had last night: we were on a road trip with joe and the baby and making our way home. it was getting late, though, and so we decided to stop and finish the drive the next day. i didn't want to spend money on a hotel, though, so we found a neighborhood and a house that looked nice. in the dream, aimee told me that she didn't want to knock on these people's door and just ask if we could stay in their house. i said, that's not what we're doing, and jimmied the lock and went inside. i just walked right in. that's right. i'm a badass.
i know what you're thinking: "well, it was just a dream. you didn't actually do that." sure i did. and in my wife's opinion (or at least her subconscious), i'm a badass.

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