my folks took us out for barbecue last night to celebrate my birthday. great food was had by all, but the greatest part was the free bibs. jim and my dad received them to protect themselves from flying barbecue sauce and squirting meat juices. these things are amazing. they may just look like a cut-up white garbage bag, but they are so much more. if a more perfect barbecue bib exists, i haven't seen it. there's an actual trough at the bottom of the bib for spilt anything.
there are engineers who plan cloud-piercing skyscrapers. there are those who develop cutting-edge medical technology. and there are those who design barbecue bibs. the first two types may be wasting their time.

jimmy and the baby. just waiting. waiting for you, sweetheart.

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  1. # Blogger Joe Fuel

    Ah yes, there are few things as wonderful as a properly engineered bib with an equally engineered catch-all....  

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