the eggo:
and baked
by machine.
than scrumptious.
a waffle ship
set sail
for consumption,
it's cargo
the golden
syrup of
melted butter.

4 Responses to “heart healthy”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous


  2. # Anonymous aimee

    you were eating waffles without me?  

  3. # Blogger r.fuel

    Actually, I stopped by my parents' house on Friday while jim was home for lunch. He ate a couple eggos. I realized that we both like them the same way: without syrup but with lots and lots of butter. We both agree that it's not the eggo waffle we find delicious. Actually, the eggo is not, in and of itself, at all appealing. The eggo merely serves as a surface on which to spread melting butter. Mmm... delicious.  

  4. # Anonymous Aimee

    i have a mental image of clogging arteries  

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